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Propane Supplier Washington IL

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A Natural Gas Alternative: Find a Propane Supplier for Washington IL

Households and businesses are becoming tired of significant spikes in utility bills every time fall and winter set in. However, there are more affordable options to the standard natural gas that heats our properties. Propane gas is a clean and affordable solution that many folks are turning to. Businesses can even utilize propane outside its standard heating uses! So, if looking for a propane supplier in Washington IL to help you make the transition to more affordable utilities, give Yoder Oil a call.

Residential and Industrial Use

Most commonly, you hear about propane and how it replaces the primary heating source for a home or business. And while this is the primary function of propane, it has other uses as well. Whether for residential or industrial use, here’s some of what you can expect from propane gas:


  • Heating – Propane gas is found to burn hotter and longer than typical natural gas. Not to mention, propane production is cheaper, meaning it’s more affordable than natural gas.
  • Water Heating – By connecting your water heater to propane, you can cut the cost of operation down by 30 percent!
  • Cooking – Instead of relying on electric stoves and ovens, why not hook your cooking appliances up to propane? A propane stove is more precise than an electric, allowing you to up your cooking game!


  • Equipment – While the most heavy-duty equipment runs on diesel, propane can power other smaller machinery and equipment. For example, forklifts are one such piece of equipment that benefits from propane.
  • Heating – The same as with your home, propane works to heat your business. And if looking to keep a consistent temperature for your customers and employees, propane has you covered.
  • Electricity – In some instances, propane can help provide power to your facility. In the event of a power failure, generators are equipped to run on propane, providing a temporary electricity solution in times of need.

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Fuel Delivery When You Need It

Yoder Oil takes pride as a propane supplier for Washington IL and the surrounding areas and a supplier of other fuel and fuel products. Our team offers propane, diesel, and gasoline delivery services to residents and businesses throughout the Greater Peoria area. Furthermore, we provide fuel-related products, such as oil, lubrication, tanks, pumps and more. Our goal is to support our clients with all their fuel-related needs, no matter how big or small!

Call Our Office

You don’t have to look far when searching for a propane supplier for Washington IL. Give the fuel experts at Yoder Oil a call to schedule your next delivery time. You can contact us today at 309-354-3981 to request a quote. Also, we are located at 506 E Center St, Eureka, IL 61530.