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Convenient and reliable fuel delivery

Whether you need to fuel a fleet of commercial vehicles or heat your property, We have the high quality fuel products and services you need. Our knowledgeable staff will install every aspect of your fuel service, including equipment installation and inspection.

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We know you’re going places. Allow Yoder Oil Inc. to be the gas provider that will get you there. We’ll get your engines roaring with some proper, top-notch gasoline so you and your business can soar as high or as far as your dreams.

When you need dependable gasoline to fuel your engine, you need a gas provider you can trust. Yoder Oil Inc., based in Eureka, Illinois, has been a quality gas provider for the people and businesses of Central Illinois for 40 years. We are dedicated to providing excellent, dependable gasoline to our customers—in the quickest amount of time and in the safest ways possible.

Seize the Advantage

When you choose Yoder Oil Inc. for your fuel service, you will notice how affordable our prices are compared to other gas providers.

Get the Gas You Need

Our customers are as diverse as the vehicles they operate. Whether you need gasoline for regular automobiles, car racing or aviation, Yoder Oil Inc. has the gasoline for you.

  • Racing Fuel – In addition to offering high quality gasoline that performs well in races, we offer methanol as an alternative fuel for your engine, which can be blended in with the gasoline or used directly.
  • Aviation Fuel – Unlike normal car fuel, aviation fuel is specialized and typically of a higher caliber. At Yoder Oil Inc., you can depend on our aviation fuel to meet whatever needs you have.
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Remote Tank Monitoring

Yoder Oil’s remote tank monitoring system offer convenience and quick service for all our gasoline clients! We equip our large tanks with computerized monitoring that feeds information about your tank directly to us. Tank monitors give our drivers the ability to monitor the level of fuel in your tank, no matter where they’re at. Instead of having to track fuel levels yourself and calling Yoder for a refill, we can refill or top off your tank whenever we see it’s low!

Our fuel monitoring software measures the precise level of fuel left in your tank. Twice per day, your tank monitor will send updates on how tanks are performing, their current fuel levels, etc. If we see a tank is getting low, we’ll schedule a fuel refill for you ASAP. This fuel monitoring software enables our customers to subscribe to a fuel refill model that’s automatic and stress-free.

If interested in fuel monitoring for your large gasoline tank, talk with Yoder Oil’s team! Our monitoring system is an excellent addition for businesses and homeowners alike!

Pick the Best Gas Provider. Pick Yoder Oil Inc.

For your gas provider, don’t settle for anything less than Yoder Oil Inc. Our company has been a trusted gas provider in Central Illinois for the past four decades. Whether you are in McLean, Tazewell or Woodford County or any other Central Illinois location, we can meet your gasoline needs. Contact Yoder Oil Inc. today!