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Propane Company Washington IL

Make the Switch with a Propane Company for Washington IL

Today, many Americans are making the decision to switch from traditional natural gas for heating and are instead embracing propane fuel. And the same can be said for folks throughout Central Illinois. Propane presents an opportunity for families to reduce fuel consumption by opting for a more energy-efficient and environmentally conscience fuel source. So, if interested in making a change yourself, you can talk to the leading propane company for Washington IL: Yoder Oil.

Yoder Oil has been in business for over 40 years, serving the clients of the Central Illinois area with superior fuel and related products. We understand fuel can be the central component of any successful business or comfortable home, so we ensure it’s always readily available to our customers. And, to further help the communities that support us, we donate to local schools and sports teams and sponsor neighborhood events.

What’s Propane and Why Should You Want It?

To many, propane is the fuel you use to light your grill. And while the debate rages on between whether propane or charcoal is better to cook with, propane fuel can do so much more for you and your family. The benefits alone are reason enough to ditch the home’s traditional fuel of natural gas.

  • Propane in a Nutshell
    • As a by-product of natural gas processing and petroleum refining, propane is an effective fuel in its own right. Propane is colorless, (near) odorless and is completely nontoxic. Propane is transported in a compressed liquid form but is at its most effective when used in a gaseous state.
  • What’s the Big Deal?
    • Why so many families and businesses are making the switch to propane is its incredible effectiveness and affordability as an alternative fuel source. Although a by-product of natural gas, propane is found to burn much hotter while using considerably less than its less effective counterpart. Thus, by switching to propane, you can achieve the same heating and functionality while paying much less. Additionally, due to its nontoxic nature, propane the more environmentally friendly choice when compared to natural gas.
  • Why Doesn’t Everybody Use Propane?
    • Truthfully, propane isn’t as widely used as natural gas, and it’s much for the sake of convenience. Most homes and businesses are already set-up with natural gas. But, making a change to propane couldn’t be easier. With help from Yoder Oil, they can provide you with a personal propane tank and have it connected to your home in a snap! And so you’re never without it, Yoder Oil makes timely propane deliveries before you ever run out.

Find Your Fuel

Yoder Oil is a fast and efficient propane company for Washington IL, but we also offer a variety of other fuels and services. And, no matter what you’re preferred fuel source may be, our salesmen and drivers are happy and eager to get it to you. For example, we offer:

Propane Company Washington IL
  • Diesel – Trucks and large equipment use diesel, and its fuel economy is worth mentioning when compared to gasoline.
  • Gasoline – From cars to vans to SUVs, they all run on gas. If gasoline is what you need, Yoder Oil can get it to you fast and at an affordable price.
  • Propane – Heat your home or business with propane fuel. As stated previously, propane is one of the best alternatives to natural gas.
  • Nonfuel – Other fluids and lubricants associated with vehicles and machinery Yoder Oil can offer our customers.

Fill Up on Propane

When you’re ready to supply your business or home with the superior fuel, get in touch with the go-to propane company for Washington IL, Yoder Oil. Call us today at 309-354-3981 to request a quote and ask about our services. Also, we are located at 506 E Center St, Eureka, IL 61530.