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Diesel fuel has obvious advantages. Its fuel economy—especially compared to gasoline—is noteworthy and its power and torque are superior. But Yoder Oil Inc. doesn’t settle by providing regular standard diesel fuel. We add in PowerMax.

What is PowerMax for Diesel?

PowerMax is a multi-functional additive that has a number of positive benefits. Here’s why Yoder Oil Inc. has chosen this product: PowerMax…

powermax diesel fuel

  • Prevents formation of black sludge “asphaltene”
  • Prevents filters from plugging due to thermal stressing of the fuel
  • Restores thermal oxidation stability of ULSD fuels
  • Restores horsepower lost due to formation of deposits
  • Restores fuel economy to “new engine” performance levels
  • Eliminates formation of carbon deposits in high-pressure fuel injection systems
  • Eliminates steel corrosion caused by ULSD fuels
  • Extends life of filter significantly
  • Cleans fuel injection system
  • Replaces lubricity lost due to removal of sulfur in the production of ULSD fuels (It even exceeds John Deere’s standard for added lubricity in ULSD fuels.)

Does PowerMax cost extra?

No. Unlike other companies, Yoder Oil Inc. does not charge our customers extra to add in PowerMax. At Yoder Oil Inc., we believe in providing the people of Central Illinois with the highest quality products. Our aim is not your bank accounts: Our aim is excellence. When we provide you with excellent products, we know we’re doing our job right.

PowerMax diesel fuel

Do we have the diesel you want?

We sure do. Yoder Oil Inc. offers all grades of diesel fuel. From standard diesel fuels (1-D and 2-D) to biodiesel fuels, we have the type of diesel you need. We also offer Diesel exhaust fluid (DEF), which is sprayed into the exhaust stream of diesel vehicles to break down dangerous Nitrogen Oxide emissions into harmless Nitrogen and water.

Choose wisely. Choose Yoder Oil Inc.

For your diesel fuel service needs, consider Yoder Oil Inc. We’ve been a trusted diesel fuel provider in Central Illinois for the past 40 years. Whether you’re in McLean, Tazewell or Woodford County or any other Central Illinois location, we can meet your diesel delivery demands. Contact Yoder Oil Inc. today!