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What Can Propane Be Used For?

How Many Ways Can I Use Propane?

If you are new to alternative fuels, you may not realize what propane can be used for and how many different applications it has. It is an efficient and versatile source of energy. It is suitable for widespread use around homes or commercial properties. Here are examples of the many ways you can use it:

What Can Propane Be Used For?
  • Home Heating – It is one of the most efficient and hottest burning fuels for home heating.
  • Water Heaters – It powers water heaters as a reliable heated water supply with less downtime when compared to electric units.
  • Cooking Appliances – Propane powers a range of kitchen appliances, including stoves, ovens, and refrigerators.
  • Laundry – Propane dryers are more efficient and dry clothes in less time than electric dryer units.
  • Fireplaces – Fireplaces heat up quicker using it and it give off less airborne pollutants than traditional wood fires.
  • Outdoor Living – Many people are familiar with propane grills. However, may do not realize it can power pool heaters, turkey fryers, patio heaters, and fire pits.
  • Generators – Propane offers a reliable backup energy source with fewer harmful emissions.

How Convenient Is It?

Now that you have a better understanding of propane uses, you would like to learn more about how easy it is to use. Yoder Oil can take the hassle out of using propane with convenient propane delivery to your home. Since 1974, we have offered dependable propane delivery to homeowners, farmers, and rural businesses like you throughout Central Illinois. Plus, we take the guesswork out of using it. Our delivery driver can install fuel level monitoring equipment in your tank. That way, we can get real-time data on how much fuel you have and when you will need refills. So, using it is extremely convenient when you choose Yoder Oil for propane delivery service.

Is It Affordable to Use Propane?

Propane is an affordable alternative to heat your home compared to electricity and other forms of energy. In fact, Yoder Oil can bring you even more savings when you use our propane delivery services. We can offer you wholesale prices on bulk purchases of it. That way, you experience much greater cost savings than purchasing it at retail locations. Bear in mind that retailers can raise rates at any time due to surging market prices. So, you could take quite a hit to the pocketbook if you need it and buy it from a retail outlet during a pricing surge. However, you are protected from those price discrepancies with Yoder Oil delivery.
  • Affordable Payment Plans – In addition, Yoder Oil allows you to choose how to pay for fuel and our delivery services in a way that best fits your budget. We give you several options with convenient payment plans. So, you can choose whether you would like to sign a fixed-price contract, take advantage of budget payment plans, or pre-pay for your propane supply. Our family-owned company treats you like a part of the family and will work hard to find payment solutions to fit your needs!

Ready to Schedule a Delivery?

Propane allows for so many applications these days that is a cost-efficient, energy-efficient, and dependable way to heat your home and enjoy outdoor living. You get even greater return on investment when you choose Yoder Oil for delivery services. For over 50 years, we have saved customers money with convenient propane delivery in Peoria County IL, McLean County IL, Tazewell County IL, Woodford County IL, Livingston County IL, and Marshall County IL. Email us at info@yoderoilinc.com or message us through our contact form to request a free estimate. In addition, you can reach us by calling 309-467-2218.