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Going Beyond Fuel

It’s true that at Yoder Oil Inc., we specialize in fuels. Since 1974, our company has been a trusted diesel fuel, gasoline, and propane provider to the communities of Central Illinois, particularly in McLean, Tazewell and Woodford Counties. But fuel isn’t the only thing we offer. Being in the business, we’ve noticed other needs our customers tend to have.

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Yoder Oil Inc. not only provides bulk diesel fuels, gasoline, and propane but also additional items for our customer’s use:

  • Diesel exhaust fluid– DEF is sprayed into the exhaust stream of diesel vehicles to break down dangerous Nitrogen Oxide emissions into harmless Nitrogen and water.
  • Antifreeze – This is the coolant you add to your automobile to keep the water inside your radiator from freezing in the winter and prevents it from boiling in the summer.
  • Methanol – This highly flammable, toxic, colorless alcohol is perfect for racing fuel, but is also used in the production of antifreeze and biodiesel fuel.
  • Tanks and pumps – To store and transfer bulk fuels, it’s important to have safe tanks and pumps. We ensure all our equipment has been inspected for safety.
  • Oils/Lubricants – Keeping your vehicles and equipment well lubricated makes a world of a difference in the performance of the inner workings of your machine. The reduction of friction means your vehicles car will skate along on less fuel and run at a lower temperature.
  • Filters – Air filters play an important role. They keep out contaminants like dirt or dust from entering your engine. Dirty filters could lead to poor fuel economy.
  • Gauges – From monitoring fuel levels to temperature readings to speed, gauges help convey important information at a glance. Without functioning gauges, you’ll be flying blind—perhaps literally!
  • Fuel Monitoring Equipment – Yoder Oil can equip your large fuel tanks with computerized fuel monitoring equipment and remote tracking software. This enables our team to monitor your tank’s fuel levels and provide refills on an automatic basis.
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Rely on Yoder Oil Inc.

We go beyond fuel, to offer several additional useful products for our customers. Whether you are in McLean, Tazewell or Woodford County or any other Central Illinois location, allow Yoder Oil Inc. to meet your maintenance needs. Contact Yoder Oil Inc. today!