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Yoder Oil is Powering Your Industry with Bulk Fuel Delivery!

Countless businesses across the Midwest rely on fuel products for daily operation. Fuel is essential to most industries, from oil and lubricants ensuring machinery runs efficiently to diesel or propane for powering heavy-duty vehicles and equipment. However, it isn’t possible for companies with industrial equipment or large fleets of vehicles to “fill up” at the local gas station. It takes dedicated, consistent bulk fuel delivery to guarantee your business gets the fuel products it needs to succeed. Count on Yoder Oil Inc. for quick and reliable fuel delivery in Tazewell County, Woodford County, McLean County, and across Central Illinois.

An infographic detailing the industries Yoder Oil and other fuel suppliers provide fuel delivery services for. The industries that can most benefit from fuel delivery in Illinois and across the Midwest include Aviation, Municipalities, Manufacturing, Mining & Construction, Farm & Agriculture, and Transportation. Also, residents can benefit from fuel delivery like propane.

Without fuel products, the large machinery manufacturing companies rely on can’t run! It’s no exaggeration to say fuel is the lifeblood of the manufacturing industry. However, accessing fuel for large, specialized industrial equipment isn’t possible unless said fuel can be found on-site. As such, Midwestern manufacturing companies count on fuel delivery services, such as those Yoder Oil Inc. provides. So you never lose a minute of productivity, our bulk fuel delivery ensures you always have the fuel and lubricants on hand to run and maintain your facility.


City municipalities operate and manage local community departments, ensure roads are cared for, garbage is picked up, parks are maintained, and emergency services are always available. However, much of the work of municipalities relies on fleets of specialized work vehicles. From garbage trucks to ambulances, municipal departments use dozens of different vehicles on a regular basis. Yoder Oil provides fuel delivery for municipalities so a city can serve its community at a moment’s notice!

Mining & Construction

When it comes to mining, construction, or other contracting jobs, the work being done requires large, heavy-duty machinery. From cranes and backhoes to drills and trailer trucks, there are no limits to the equipment these industries utilize daily. However, these same pieces of machinery can’t easily be taken elsewhere to be maintained or serviced. Even fuel fill-up isn’t something that can be done off-site. Thankfully, Yoder Oil can deliver diesel and gasoline directly to any mine or construction site, especially where fuel sources are hard to come by.

Farming & Agriculture

Because farmers need plenty of space to raise livestock or grow produce, they are always rurally located. However, being so far away from a city’s regular amenities means farmers have to make do with what they have. As for fuel products for powering transport trucks and farm equipment, it’s easier to deliver them directly. In remote, rural areas where reliable access to fuel stations isn’t available, Yoder Oil ensures your farm never runs out of fuel.


Similar to municipalities, many public and private transportation companies rely on fleets of vehicles for service. Taxi-cabs, busses, semi-trucks, and more; without high-quality fuel products, these vehicles would degrade faster and burn through fuel at a higher rate. For such reasons, local transportation companies count on bulk fuel delivery from Yoder Oil. For taxi businesses, bus depots, freight carriers and more, fuel delivery ensures your business’s vehicles can be ready at a moment’s notice.


The aviation industry requires some of the most unique fuel products. After all, for planes to reliably take off and stay in the air, they need powerful and efficient fuel. However, such fuel products aren’t always easily accessible. That’s why airports and airfields rely on companies like Yoder Oil for fuel delivery. Yoder finds the fuel types that work best for aviation and delivers fuel directly to your facility for an affordable price. Thanks to Yoder Oil, your planes will always be “ready for takeoff!”


In addition to the many industries Yoder Oil serves, we also supply our fuel delivery services to residential clients throughout Central Illinois. Whether for heating, hobbies or energy, homeowners count on fuel products to provide for their homes. As such, Yoder Oil provides fast and reliable propane and additional fuel delivery at always affordable rates. And when your tank starts to run low, our tank monitoring software immediately alerts us!

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No matter your business, industry or residence, easy and affordable bulk fuel delivery is readily available thanks to Yoder Oil Inc. To ask about our fuel delivery of propane, gasoline, diesel and additional fuel products, contact Yoder Oil today at 309-467-2218. Our office is located at 506 E Center St, Eureka, IL 61530.