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Propane Delivery Near You

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If in Tazewell County, Count on Yoder for Propane Delivery Near You!

Throughout Tazewell County, homeowners and businesses are looking for reliable ways to keep their property comfortable, water hot, and appliances powered for an affordable rate. However, with rising natural gas and electricity prices, this is becoming increasingly difficult. For this reason, many Central Illinois residents have begun to invest in propane. And if you are looking for fast, reliable, and affordable propane delivery near you, Yoder Oil has you covered.

Should You Switch to Propane?

The better question is, do you want to save money for a fuel source that performs better than natural gas? Of course you do! However, these aren’t the only reasons why so many people are switching to propane as their preferred energy and heating substitute. Some of the benefits of using propane include:

  • Greater Fuel Efficiency
    • While natural gas is an abundant and practical resource for heating your home, propane is better. In fact, propane fuel burns hotter than natural gas and electric heat. Studies performed by the Propane Education and Research Council found high-efficiency propane heaters were between 90-98% more efficient than your standard electric and natural gas heaters.
  • More Cost Savings
    • Besides propane fuel being more efficient, it’s also more affordable! Due to the abundance of propane throughout the United States, the fuel is priced more affordably than other energy options. Additionally, with the efficiency of propane, you won’t burn through it as fast as natural gas, saving you more!
  • Greater Independence
    • With natural gas and electricity, you are beholden to the companies that produce these resources. This means you risk gas going out when accidents or natural disasters occur. Or, when gas prices rise, you have no choice but to pay them. Rather than relying on local utility companies, you can take control of your home or business’s heat with propane deliveries near you.
  • Environmentally Friendly
    • Although natural gas is a “natural” energy source, it doesn’t burn as cleanly as propane gas. Even electricity production is taxing our environment, primarily relying on fossil fuels. On the other hand, propane fuel has a significantly lower carbon content than natural gas or fossil fuels. Thus, when propane burns, it has less of an impact on air quality.

Quick and Hassle-Free Delivery

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The one hang-up for those wishing to switch to propane: who will deliver it? Thankfully, for those living in Tazewell County and the surrounding communities, Yoder Oil is the answer! Since 1974, we’ve provided Central Illinois residents with fast, stress-free propane deliveries. We simplify fueling your home or business with fuel tank monitoring equipment and seamless propane tank installation and hookups. Furthermore, with flexible payment options like budget payment plans, pre-payments, and fixed-price contracts, you pay for your fuel in a manner most convenient for you.

Give Us a Call

Few companies provide the same level of quality service and affordability for propane deliveries as Yoder Oil. If you are interested in propane deliveries near you, contact Yoder Oil today at 309-220-5480. Yoder Oil services communities throughout Tazewell, including Washington, East Peoria, Pekin, and more. We are located at 506 E Center St, Eureka, IL 61530.