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What Are the Types of Diesel Fuel?

What Are the Types of Diesel Fuel?

There are several different types of diesel fuel with each having specific properties and uses. Here is a brief description of the different kinds of diesel fuel and common uses for each of them.

What Are the Types of Diesel Fuel?
  • Diesel Fuel #1 – Also known as Diesel Fuel 1D or winter diesel, this fuel has a lower viscosity, and it is preferred for use during cold weather months. It has a lower pour point, helping it to ignite more easily.
  • Diesel Fuel #2 – Also referred to as Diesel Fuel 2D, this fuel is preferred during summer months. It is a versatile fuel that can be mixed with Diesel Fuel #1 during the winter.
  • Diesel Fuel #4 – Also known as Diesel Fuel 4D, this fuel has a higher viscosity and pour point for use specifically with low-speed engines.
  • Biodiesel – This is fuel made from renewable resources such as animal fats and vegetable oils. It is cleaner burning and eco-friendlier.
  • Synthetic Diesel – This is fuel produced from various things like straw, wood, corn, or discarded foods. It is the least common but offers an alternative to petroleum-based diesel.

What Is the Difference Between the Types of Diesel Fuel?

There are two types of diesel fuel that are most used – diesel fuel #1 and diesel fuel #2. Price is the most significant difference between the two forms of diesel fuel. Generally, Diesel #2 is cheaper than Diesel #1. It is more cost effective to make for fuel suppliers and requires less refining. On the other hand, Diesel #1 costs more because it has anti-gelling additives to enhance performance in the winter, raising its price. Diesel #2 is typically more popular for use than Diesel #1, driving up demand and lowering the cost. As a result, Diesel #1 is regarded as more of a premium fuel for a niche market seeking better performance and ignition quality during cold weather.

Why Choose Yoder Oil for Diesel Fuel?

Now that you understand the types of diesel fuel and how they differ in properties and use, Yoder Oil is here to help if you need diesel delivery services. When you choose us for diesel, you receive fuel with a helpful additive called PowerMax at no extra charge. Here are some of the extra benefits you receive from diesel fuel with the PowerMax additive.

What Are the Types of Diesel Fuel?
  • Protection of filter plug ups due to thermal stress.
  • Prevention of “asphaltene” buildup commonly referred to as black sludge.
  • It recovers horsepower lost because of deposit accumulation.
  • Restored thermal oxidation stability.
  • Like-new engine performance when it comes to fuel economy.
  • Replacement of lubricity lost due to removal of sulfur in the production of ULSD fuels.
  • The destruction of carbon deposits in high-pressure fuel injection systems.
  • The removal of steel corrosion.
  • Significantly extended useful life for filters.
  • Cleaning of the fuel injection system.

Contact Us for Delivery of Diesel Fuels

We hope you now have a better understanding of the types of diesel fuel and how they are used. If you are looking to save money on diesel, rely on Yoder Oil to provide you with diesel delivery services. We offer payment plans that can meet any budget and discounts for buying diesel in bulk. That way, you receive cost certainty that avoids skyrocketing retail price fluctuations and the stress of potentially running out of fuel. We install fuel level monitoring equipment that lets us know exactly when you need more diesel fuel.

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