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Diesel Delivery East Peoria IL

Your Trusted Local Source for Diesel Delivery in East Peoria IL

Never worry about running out of fuel for your vehicles or heavy equipment again with Yoder Oil diesel delivery in East Peoria IL. Give us a call at 309-316-7326 to get diesel fuel when and where you need it quickly and easily.

Since 1974, we have offered the fastest, simplest, and most reliable fuel delivery service in Tazewell County. For that reason, we are your preferred provider for diesel, propane, gasoline, and fuel-related products. We take pride in delivering premium fuel solutions, the quickest deliveries, and most dependable services available in East Peoria IL. Furthermore, we can deliver any grade of diesel fuel that you need. From standard diesel fuels (1-D and 2-D) to biodiesel fuels, we can bring it to you.

Our company also understands it is vital to receive products and services in a manner that suits your cashflow. As a result, we provide affordable prices. In addition, we give you options with our flexible payment offers, including budget payment plans, pre-payments, and fixed price contracts. Contact us now to schedule a delivery.

Enjoy Free Perks with Our Diesel Delivery in East Peoria IL

Yoder Oil believes in providing premium products and added value with our diesel delivery in East Peoria IL. Consequently, we include PowerMax, a helpful fuel additive, free of charge in fuel delivered to our clients. By using diesel that includes the PowerMax additive, your heavy machinery, generators, and vehicles will benefit from the following:

  • A stoppage from buildups of “asphaltene” or black sludge
  • The reduction of thermal stress that protects filters from plugging up
  • A restored stability of thermal oxidation
  • Horsepower lost due to engine deposit formations will get restored
  • Improved fuel economy that compares with the performance of a new engine
  • It rids high-pressure fuel injection systems of carbon deposits
  • Protection from steel corrosion
  • Your filters will last significantly longer
  • The fuel injection system will remain free from contaminants
  • Lubricity lost because of sulfur production in ULSD fuels will get restored

Other High-Quality Products Available

In addition to fast and easy diesel delivery in East Peoria IL, we provide the best products that keep your machinery and vehicles running smoothly. Thus, you should count on our company for all of the following products:

  • Diesel exhaust fluid – When you spray this fluid into the exhaust stream of diesel vehicles, it breaks down dangerous Nitrogen Oxide emissions into harmless Nitrogen and water.
  • Filters – Keep contaminants like dirt or dust out of your engine with our high-grade filters. Also, new filters provide better fuel economy.
  • Oils/Lubricants – To improve performance, it is important to keep your automobiles, generators, and heavy machinery well lubricated. With our products, your equipment will use less fuel and run at a lower temperature because of less friction.
  • Gauges – To ensure your vehicles or machinery perform at peak condition, you need trustworthy gauges. They convey information that tells you about the performance of your machines. Without functioning gauges, you may not know if your equipment or vehicle is running efficiently or if it needs repairs.
  • Methanol – You can use this for racing fuel or to make antifreeze and biodiesel fuel.
  • Antifreeze – This coolant ensures that water inside your vehicle’s radiator will not freeze in the winter and boil in the summer.
Diesel Delivery East Peoria IL

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By choosing Yoder Oil, you benefit from a family-owned, independent business committed to delivering fast and customized solutions to fit your needs. Since 1974, we have become the most trusted company for diesel delivery in East Peoria IL. Give our team a call now at 309-316-7326 or contact us online to schedule your delivery today!