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Propane Pontiac IL

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Why Propane in Pontiac IL?

Propane is a popular home heating fuel, and for good reason. It’s one of the world’s most efficient sources of energy, and millions of Americans use about 18 billion gallons of propane annually to heat their homes, heat their water, cook their food, and run their vehicles economically, smoothly and efficiently. Not only is propane readily available, economical and efficient, it’s also plentiful, convenient to use, safe to store, and environmentally friendly. You need to trust the company you choose to deliver your propane. For that, turn to Yoder Oil Inc. for our strong reputation and 40 years of experience. Not only do you get the best fuels and related products throughout Central Illinois from us, but you also get affordable prices and flexible payment options. To help offset the cost of investing in your propane service, we offer budget payment plans, pre-payments, and fixed-price contracts!

Built on a foundation of reliable customer service, constant propane availability and skilled technicians, our primary goal is your comfort and convenience. Come to us for the best propane service in Pontiac IL when you’re looking for a reliable, stable choice for your family.

Investing in Propane: A Smart, Safe Choice

This fuel is a byproduct of natural gas processing and petroleum refining that’s nontoxic, colorless, and practically odorless. It comes with many benefits for many homeowners all over the country:

  • Easy accommodation: When you’ve decided to transition your home heating to propane, it’s among the easiest to do so.
  • Affordability: Propane is plentiful; therefore, prices are consistently lower across the board.
  • Environmentally friendly: This is due to its decreased carbon content. As such, propane burns cleaner, hotter and more efficiently than gasoline or diesel.
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Five Ways We Offer Incredible Customer Service

  1. Consistency and unwavering market availability: Our consistent and dependable company has been delivering quality products on time for four decades.
  2. Quick resolution: We quickly resolve issues, are attentive to your needs and are always available by phone if you need to speak with us about your service.
  3. Service that’s always dependable: We are happy to be your go-to source for delivery of diesel fuel, gas, propane and other related products to communities in McLean, Tazewell and Woodford Counties.
  4. Quality long-lasting products: We are known for providing the highest quality fuels and associated products to our Central Illinois customers. Whether you need propane to heat your home this winter or gas to fuel your business, we have you covered.
  5. Prompt deliveries: We do not keep you waiting! Let our family-owned business deliver your fuel quickly, safely and consistently at your convenience. We are always able to consistently deliver diesel fuel, gas, propane and other related products no matter how the market is reacting at any given time.

You will appreciate our excellent customer service and dependability. Moreover, when you have an issue or concern, we address it right away. Don’t hesitate to call.

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