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How Do I Run My House on Propane

How Do I Run My House on Propane?

If you are looking for a cost-effective alternative for energy, you should consider outfitting your home to run on propane. How do I run my house on propane, you ask? There are a few steps involved with the conversion process. Let’s review how you can get started on the path to saving money by running your home on propane.

How Do I Run My House on Propane
  • Choose a Propane Tank
  • The size you need depends on the number of appliances you tend to run. Common sizes for propane tanks include 100-pound, 100-gallon, and 500-gallon tanks.
  • Install the Propane Tank
  • Run Propane Lines to Your Home
  • Connect Gas Appliances to the Propane Lines
  • Common appliances that run on propane include furnaces, water heaters, stoves, and clothes dryers.
  • System Testing that Ensures Proper Connections

Yoder Oil can help if you are looking to run your house on propane. We provide reliable and affordable propane delivery services that bring the fuel you need to your home. Since 1974, we have served residential and commercial customers throughout Central Illinois. Contact us now for more information or a free estimate.

Why Should I Run My House on Propane?

There are many significant benefits that you can enjoy from running your house on propane. Some of the most compelling reasons to switch from electric to propane include:

  • Cost Savings – The cost of electricity continues to rise steadily every year. If you are looking to avoid fluctuating market prices for electricity, you can with Yoder Oil’s propane delivery. We allow you to purchase propane in bulk, locking in a low rate that is cheaper than retail prices. As a result, you can benefit from reduced energy bills.
  • Less Greenhouse Gas Emissions – You can also minimize your impact on the environment by using propane, a clean-burning fuel. Unlike other fuels, it does not send harmful emissions into the atmosphere.
  • Greater Independence – With electricity, you will not be able to run appliances if there are power outages. However, a power outage will not stop you from using propane-fueled appliances. So, you can keep living your life when households on the grid shut down.

Can I Get Propane Delivered to My House?

Yoder Oil takes the hassle out of running your house on propane by bringing all the fuel you need directly to your property. Plus, we can install fuel monitoring equipment in your tank so that you will never need to worry about running out. Our fuel monitoring software sends information about your home’s fuel levels, the performance of your tank, and other important data to our team. As a result, our dependable drivers will know when they need to stop by to provide propane refills and keep your tank in good condition.

How Does Paying for Propane Delivery Work?

You can choose how to pay for your fuel when you choose Yoder Oil for home propane delivery. You can choose from budget payment plans, pre-payments, or fixed-price contracts. How do I run my house on propane, you might wonder? Our company offers convenient services and great rates that beat retail propane prices. So, you end up saving the time and expense it takes from going to remote locations to get your propane supply. Our service area includes home propane delivery in Livingston County IL, Peoria County IL, McLean County IL, Marshall County IL, Tazewell County IL, and Woodford County IL.

How Do I Run My House on Propane

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