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Propane Gas Peoria IL

Propane Gas Peoria IL

Make the Switch to Propane Gas in Peoria IL

Did you know you’re creating toxic waste and are less energy-efficient with your current setup with natural gas? That’s right! Even though natural gas is considered a “green” option for fuel and energy, there’s another gas out there that works better and doesn’t produce toxic emissions. And if you guessed propane gas, you’d be correct. Propane gas in Peoria IL and the surrounding areas is the greenest, most energy-efficient option for homes and businesses, and Yoder Oil can help get you set up with it.

Since 1974, Yoder Oil has been the source of various fuels for residents throughout Central Illinois. Furthermore, we provide products to store and distribute our fuels and services that bring fuel right to your doorstep. And in recent years, Yoder Oil has promoted the benefits of propane, and the advantages it has over natural gas. To see for yourself, talk with one of our representatives!

What’s the Deal with Propane?

So you’ve used natural gas all your life; do you need to switch to propane? While natural gas certainly has its benefits, you’ll find propane gas offers more bang for your buck. And with delivery service provided by Yoder Oil, there’s no excuse for not going with propane.

  • Twice as Effective
    • In a head to head matchup between propane gas and natural gas, propane wins every time. When heating your home or fueling your appliances, propane gas provides more energy than natural gas for just half the amount. And while propane is a bit more expensive than natural gas, its effectiveness will make up that difference in no time.
  • Burns Clean
    • While natural gas is considered a green energy solution, it still doesn’t beat propane in terms of “green.” To compare, natural gas produces 50% fewer toxins than burning coal, which is an incredible improvement. However, propane produces almost no toxins entirely. Thus, it’s safe to use for both yourself and the environment.
  • (Almost) All American
    • Propane gas is perhaps one of the most plentiful fuel options in the United States. In fact, 90% of all propane used in America is produced here too. So, an investment in propane is an investment in American jobs and the economy.
  • Easy to Deliver
    • If you’re without natural gas already attached to your house, get ready to pay thousands of dollars just to install a connection on your property. And if you do already have a hook-up, propane is still an easy source of fuel to set up for your home. The technicians at Yoder Oil can help you get started, and we’re happy to provide fast and convenient propane delivery right when you need it.
Propane Gas Peoria IL

Let Yoder Oil Help

As the Greater Peoria area’s primary source for fuel and fuel accessories, Yoder Oil can assist with more than just propane gas in Peoria IL. For example, we help businesses and residents with:

  • Diesel
  • Gasoline
  • Nonfuels
  • Delivery in Central Illinois
  • Risk Management Programs
  • SPCC Assistance
  • Equipment Inspection

Contact Us

With our experience and knowledge of propane gas in Peoria IL, you can count on Yoder Oil for all your propane and fuel-related needs. If you want to learn more, contact us today at 309-354-3981 to request a quote. Also, we are located at 506 E Center St, Eureka, IL 61530.