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Propane Delivery Pekin IL

Residential Tanks for Propane Fuel in Pekin IL

Switch Fuel Sources with Reliable Propane Delivery for Pekin IL

While most people are still reliant on natural gas or electric heat for their homes, a smart few families and businesses have made the switch to propane. And with fast and reliable propane delivery for Pekin IL, there’s not a better time to get set up with propane! Give Yoder Oil a call, and we’ll explain how we can help you run on propane fuel.

Why Pick Propane?

While natural gas is a “good enough” fuel source for many, those who begin to use propane will find its benefits to be much more appealing.

  • Performs Better – Overall, propane fuel burns hotter than natural gas and electric heat. The Propane Education & Research Council found a high-efficiency propane heater was 90-98% more efficient than heaters using natural gas or electricity.
  • Saves You Money – Propane is an incredibly abundant fuel source in America. And this abundance allows propane to be priced much cheaper than other fuel options. Additionally, you don’t need to burn through nearly as much to heat your home due to propane’s effectiveness. Thus, you save with propane on two fronts!
  • More Self-Reliant – While you’ll still need to schedule regular propane fuel delivery for Pekin IL, switching your home or business over to propane allows you to be more self-reliant. No longer must you depend on gas utility companies and their continually fluctuating prices. And when accidents or natural disasters cut you off from natural gas, you’ll still be comfortable and safe with propane.
  • Cleaner Energy – While natural gas is “natural,” it does not burn nearly as clean as propane gas. And while electricity doesn’t burn through natural resources, the powerplants that supply that electricity likely do. Conversely, propane has a lower carbon content, meaning it contributes much less air pollution.
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Delivery Made Easy

At Yoder Oil, we work to make propane fuel easily accessible to our clients. Not only do we perform our fuel deliveries promptly, but we make it easy to schedule subsequent deliveries. Furthermore, if switching from natural gas to propane, we strive to make the transition as seamless as possible. We offer flexible payment options, including budget payment plans, pre-payment and fixed-price contracts. Whatever is the easiest for you to manage, Yoder Oil can oblige.

Call Today

Don’t let your ability to access propane stop you from making the switch! With propane delivery for Pekin IL from Yoder Oil, you can easily maintain propane for your home or business. Learn more by calling today at 309-354-3981. Also, we are located at 506 E Center St, Eureka, IL 61530.