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Fuel Delivery Woodford County IL

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Your One Stop for Fuel Delivery in Woodford County, IL

The last thing you want to have to worry about is fueling your life. You need a trusted fuel provider you and trust. That’s Yoder Oil. We’ve been providing residential and commercial customers alike with premium diesel, gasoline, and propane since 1974. As a family-owned business, our customer service stands apart from the larger national companies. Our passion is to offer the highest quality fuels to people across Central Illinois. When you need fuel delivery to Woodford County IL, Yoder Oil will give you provide top-of-the-line fuels at competitive prices.

The Yoder Oil Quality

For more than 4 decades, Yoder Oil has been serving communities across the state of Illinois. We continue to take pride in our reliable, customer centered approach. We know you want to focus on what to use your energy for, not where or how to get it. That’s why we are always ready to fulfill your fuel needs. We’ll get you moving forward without spinning your wheels, wondering where to get your next refill.

Yoder Oil offers the fuels and products you need, including:

  • Gasoline: We offer fuel products for standard engines and Yoder Oil even has high-performance aviation fuel.
  • Diesel: Yoder Oil offers all grades of diesel fuel. And we use PowerMax as an additive to improve performance and duration of your engines.
  • Propane: This efficient, low carbon fuel is great for heating and cooking.
  • Nonfuel products: We also offer methanol for racing, antifreeze, oils and lubricants, gauges, diesel exhaust fuel, and filters.

If you need fuel delivery in Woodford County IL, Yoder Oil will always deliver.

The Yoder Oil Legacy

Yoder Oil is proud of our 40-year legacy in Central Illinois. We continually strive for three things to prove our worth to the residents, farmers, and businesses who need fuel delivery in Woodford County IL and anywhere else we touch. Next, we work toward excellence in all we do. In addition, we strive for dependability by delivering quality products in a timely manner. We also will always provide for quick, safe, consistent deliveries to your business or home.

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Request a Quote

Whether you have a fleet of farming equipment that needs refueling or your propane needs a refill, make Yoder Oil your answer for fuel delivery in Woodford County IL. To request a quote, give us a call at
309-354-3981. Don’t forget to ask about our flexible payment options, including budget payment plans, pre-payment, and fixed-price contracts.