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Propane Supplier Eureka IL

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Yoder Oil is the Premier Propane Supplier in Eureka IL

Increasingly unstable energy prices have led many to search for smarter solutions for their fuel. One of the solutions where people have found success is by using propane. Compared to its petroleum-based counterparts gasoline and diesel, propane burns cleaner because it is lower in carbon content. It also burns hotter and more efficiently, making it an excellent source of fuel for your heating needs. If you’ve decided to choose this economical and environmentally friendly fuel source, you’ll still want to find the best propane supplier Eureka IL has to offer. That’s where the team at Yoder Oil comes in.

Advantages of Propane

Propane’s abundance domestically means that it isn’t subject to the dramatic swings that other energy sources tend to experience. From heating to cooking to fueling, propane is a highly efficient fuel that continues to increase in its applications. In addition, propane can even be used to fuel farm irrigation equipment, buses, and fleet vehicles. Plus, Yoder Oil is always prepared to deliver your propane when you need it, which means you won’t go without this fuel when you need it most.

Beyond propane, Yoder Oil also offers the fuels and products to keep your home, farm, or business running, including:

  • Gasoline: We have products for standard engines and high-performance aviation fuel.
  • Diesel: Yoder Oil can deliver all grades of diesel fuel. We use PowerMax as an additive to improve performance and duration of your engines.
  • Nonfuel products: We offer methanol for racing, antifreeze, oils and lubricants, gauges, diesel exhaust fuel, and filters.

We’d love to be your propane supplier in Eureka IL. But contact us for all your fuel needs.

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The Yoder Oil Team

Since 1974, our family-owned business has provided excellent service while offering the highest quality products. We proudly support local sports teams, schools, and many other community contributors. It’s because we know we are better when we take care of the people around us. No matter what your fuel needs might be, you can know that the Yoder Oil team can take care of you.

Contact Us Today

We look forward to showing you why we are the premier propane provider in Eureka IL. You can call us during normal office hours at 309-354-3981. And for those who need off-hour help, feel free to request a quote with a click. We look forward to being your fuel provider.