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Propane Peoria IL

propane grill sitting on a backyard patio

propane grill sitting on a backyard patio

Dependability and Reliability Core to Propane in Peoria IL

There is something to be said for locally-owned businesses. Local ownership and decision-making by members of your community is always a plus. They also employ your neighbors as well and even sponsor local sports teams and schools. Even better, all of the staff also knows the ins and outs of the area well. All of this local knowledge can come in handy for all sorts of occasions, including when you call for help, or they go out on service calls. Where propane in Peoria IL is concerned, there are a variety of advantages that can be found in working with a local company that knows its product well and also knows its’ home region.

Yoder Oil is one of those companies that know both areas well. Since 1974, we have been helping meet all of our area’s fuel product needs, not just top-of-the-line propane for residential or commercial clients. We also provide quality diesel or various other fuel and non-fuel products, including aviation fuel and racing fuel if a client requests these as well.

Yoder Oil is based in Eureka, but the customer base extends beyond Woodford County and includes six other surrounding counties. This means that if you want smooth delivery of propane in Peoria IL or Central Illinois communities the company serves, all you have to do is call to arrange it.

white propane tank truck in the process of being filled

Propane’s Merits

The staff at Yoder Oil includes plenty of propane enthusiasts. Many of us have long believed that this colorless gas has plenty of appeal for businesses and homes, and can be useful in all sorts of ways. This includes general heating of residential spaces as well as being great for indoor cooking and outdoor grilling.

Propane’s lower carbon content makes it appealing to those who are environmentally conscious and want to cut back on their use of petroleum-based fuels like diesel and gasoline.

Propane also is more fuel-efficient, burns hotter and is considered cleaner. Furthermore, prices for propane don’t have the rapid ups and downs or political challenges attached, like the global oil markets tend to.

a pot of boiling water on a propane powered stove

Yoder Oil also wants to give its customers other reasons to appreciate propane as well. For instance, commercial and residential customers that order propane in Peoria IL and other communities can take advantage of a payment system that’s similar to a utility.

This means there are a variety of flexible payment options available, including monthly bills, pre-payments, and fixed-price contracts. Delivery options also make it more appealing.

Knowing you have this flexibility and affordability can be useful, especially for someone interested in switching from another fuel source to propane for their home heating.

For more information about propane delivery and service options in the Peoria area or to request a quote, please call Yoder Oil at (309) 228-9339 or visit our Eureka office in person at 506 E. Center Street.