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Is Diesel Fuel #1 or #2 Better

Is Diesel Fuel #1 or #2 Better?

Many customers often ask our fuel experts at Yoder Oil if Diesel Fuel #1 or #2 is better. The answer is that each fuel has a different purpose. So, the suitability of using either Diesel Fuel #1 or #2 depends on your needs and the conditions in which it will be used. Here is a brief breakdown of each of the diesel fuels, their benefits, and their uses.

Is Diesel Fuel #1 or #2 Better
  • The Benefits of Diesel Fuel #1
  • It has a lower viscosity, ensuring that it will not gel in cold conditions.
  • This fuel works better than Diesel #2 in cold weather.
  • It remains liquid even during the coldest temperatures.
  • The Uses for Diesel Fuel #1
  • This fuel ignites more easily during cold temperatures.
  • It ensures reliable engine performance during the winter.
  • The Benefits of Diesel Fuel #2
  • It is cheaper than Diesel Fuel #1.
  • This fuel has a higher energy content and runs more efficiently in the summer.
  • It provides better fuel economy.
  • The Uses for Diesel Fuel #2
  • It is the most affordable option for normal driving conditions.

What Is the Difference Between Diesel Fuel #1 and #2?

Price is a big factor for most customers. With that in mind, many homeowners or businesses consider the cheaper cost when deciding if diesel fuel #1 or #2 is better. Diesel Fuel #2 is more cost efficient for fuel suppliers to make because it requires less refining. Consequently, it is the most in-demand form of diesel fuel. Meanwhile, Diesel Fuel #1 costs more because it includes an anti-gelling additive that prevents fuel from gelling during the cold. As a result, Diesel Fuel #1 is considered more of a premium fuel for a smaller market of customers looking for better ignition quality and engine performance in cold weather.

Why Is Yoder Oil the Best Choice for Diesel Fuel?

Now that you understand more about what makes Diesel Fuel #1 or #2 better for your needs, Yoder Oil wants to help if you need diesel delivery services. With Yoder Oil, you receive diesel fuel with a premium additive called PowerMax included free of charge. Why is that important? Here are some of the attractive benefits you receive from diesel fuel with the PowerMax additive.

Is Diesel Fuel #1 or #2 Better
  • It cleans the fuel injection system.
  • The additive helps to significantly extend the life of filters.
  • It eliminates steel corrosion.
  • The additive removes carbon deposits from the fuel injection system.
  • It prevents thermal stress that plugs up filters.
  • The additive eliminates the presence of asphaltene accumulation known as black sludge.
  • It recovers horsepower lost to deposit buildup.
  • The additive helps to restore thermal oxidation stability.
  • It delivers greater fuel economy.
  • The additive replaces lubricity lost due to sulfur removal in the production of ULSD fuels.

Contact Us for Diesel Fuel Delivery

Our fuel experts hope you have a better understanding of what makes Diesel Fuel #1 or #2 better for your needs. Now, we hope you take advantage of the convenience and cost savings Yoder Oil can provide for you with our diesel delivery services. Our payment plans can meet any budget and you benefit from discounts by buying diesel in bulk. Most importantly, you get better cost certainty by avoiding retail price fluctuations and avoiding the stress of monitoring your fuel levels. We install fuel level monitoring equipment that makes sure you will never run out of fuel.

Contact us online now or call us at 309-467-2218 for estimates on diesel delivery. We serve clients throughout Tazewell County IL, Marshall County IL, Livingston County IL, McLean County IL, Peoria County IL, and Woodford County IL. Our drivers deliver diesel to customers in Bloomington IL, Peoria IL, Pontiac IL, Washington IL, Morton IL, Pekin IL,  and surrounding communities.