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Fuel Delivery Pontiac IL

Reliable Fuel Delivery for Pontiac IL

Some of the Midwest’s most crucial industries run on petroleum fuel. From public transportation, shipping, construction, and every business in between, each requires fuel to operate efficiently. And when needing consistent bulk fuel for affordable prices, Central Illinois businesses turn to Yoder Oil Inc. We offer fast and convenient fuel delivery for Pontiac IL and the surrounding communities.

Timely Delivery of the Most Important Fuels

Yoder Oil understands how crucial fuel delivery is for your business. As such, we work with our clients to set up fuel contracts and delivery schedules that are the most convenient for you. Whether needing diesel, gasoline or propane, you can count on our team for speedy delivery.

  • Diesel – Diesel fuel is best for large equipment and machinery. The lubricating properties of diesel ensure heavy-duty engines can run well past their life expectancy. And with our PowerMax additive, our diesel fuel is more efficient than other fuel suppliers. As such, trucking, construction, manufacturing and more can most take advantage of Yoder Oil’s diesel delivery service.
  • Gasoline – When it comes to gasoline, there’s very little consistency in its value. However, through fuel delivery for Pontiac IL, you can always ensure you have a steady supply. Not to mention, purchasing fuel in bulk keeps prices down. Gasoline delivery is vital for businesses that utilize large fleets of vehicles. Or, purchasing gasoline at bulk rates is especially beneficial for gas stations and convenience stores looking to sell gasoline for profit.
  • Propane – While businesses can also utilize propane gas, you’ll more commonly find propane used for residential purposes. Propane is one of the more popular alternatives to natural gas. Due to propane’s lower costs and greater heat output, many homeowners are choosing to heat their properties with it. And with fuel delivery in Pontiac IL, it’s never been easier to invest in propane fuel.
Fuel Delivery Pontiac IL

See Our Non-Fuel Products

In addition to having fuel delivery for Pontiac IL and throughout Central Illinois, Yoder Oil supplies numerous non-fuel products for commercial and residential use. From oil to lubricants, you can purchase our products in bulk. Furthermore, we supply fuel tanks, gauges, pumps and more for those wishing to store fuel on their property. Be sure to contact Yoder Oil Inc. today to discuss how we can best serve your fuel-related needs. You can call us at 309-354-3981. Also, we are located at 506 E Center St, Eureka, IL 61530.