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Fuel Delivery Peoria IL

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Fuel Delivery for Peoria IL You Can’t Go Without

Fuel is the central component of some of the essential parts of life. From driving to heating your home, fuel comes in all varieties and is necessary for your day-to-day. So, if needing a reliable fuel source, who can you count on for consistent and affordable fuel delivery for Peoria IL? If you guessed Yoder Oil, you’d be right! Our team can quickly supply gasoline, diesel or propane to wherever you need.

What We Deliver

As previously mentioned, our crews work with businesses or residents to deliver gasoline, diesel or propane fuel. Depending on your specific needs will determine the kind of fuel that will work best for you.

  • Gasoline
    • Whether you have a fleet of vehicles or a few specialty cars, gasoline is what’s going to get you up and running. Yoder Oil will help set up a secure tank on your property and deliver a steady gas supply on your request. Our gasoline delivery services work best for those businesses either selling gasoline (gas stations) or supplying gas for their vehicles (taxi company, delivery service, etc.).
  • Diesel
    • Our diesel fuel delivery is geared towards those businesses that utilize large vehicles, heavy equipment and machinery. The lubricating properties of diesel best assist heavy-duty engines. Thus, diesel works to power your semi-trucks, farm equipment, construction machinery and more. Furthermore, Yoder Oil adds PowerMax to our diesel, further improving its effectiveness.
  • Propane
    • Propane fuel’s applications are more outside businesses and primarily for residential use. For example, propane is considered a clean and more efficient alternative to natural gas for your home. Yoder Oil can help you set up a residential propane tank and get your heating and gas lines reworked for propane use. In no time, your home’s heating and appliances will run hotter while you save money with less fuel consumption.

Outside of Delivery

In addition to the fuel delivery for Peoria IL we can provide, Yoder Oil offers convenient contracts for refueling and other non-fuel-related products. For example, we can sell and install the equipment necessary to store gasoline, diesel or propane on your property. Also, we sell other helpful fluids and lubricants in bulk so your engines can continue to run strong. And for those in need of specialty fuels, we supply both racing and aviation fuel.

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Contact Our Office

Consistent and affordable fuel delivery for Peoria IL might be the one thing your home or business needs the most. And when looking for the best local fuel delivery service, count on the professionals at Yoder Oil Inc. To learn more about our services, call us today at 309-354-3981. Also, we are located at 506 E Center St, Eureka, IL 61530.