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One of the Top-Notch Propane Companies Bloomington IL Folks Trust

Yoder Oil is a locally owned, community-oriented company in Central Illinois. For 45 years, we’ve provided quality fuel products to homes and businesses. If you’re a resident of McLean, Peoria or Marshall Counties and the surrounding area and require a reliable fuel company, look no further. Yoder Oil is one of the top-notch propane companies Bloomington IL folks trust.

Grilling and Cooking with Propane

Propane is a fantastic option for grilling and cooking because it is environmentally cleaner than other types of fuel. It is also a very affordable option for home chefs as it is widely available in the United States. Our payment options make it even more economical by providing our customers with the ability to prepay or make payments throughout the year. Whether your propane needs are large or small, you can count on customer service with a personal touch, as well as a consistently high-quality product. If you live in the cities of Eureka, Bloomington, East Peoria, Peoria or the surrounding area, we’d be happy to chat with you today and set you up with a free quote.

Heating with Propane

Budget-savvy homeowners love propane for its affordability. Yoder Oil customers also rave about the quick delivery service we provide. You can count on a warm and cozy home all year long when you rely on the service our company provides.

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Our Team at One of the Best Propane Companies Bloomington IL

Our current president is Josh Yoder, who purchased the company from his father, Jerry Yoder, in 2008. Jerry started Yoder Oil in 1974, and even after selling to his son Josh, he continues to work park time. Yoder Oil currently employs an office manager and four drivers who also serve as sales representatives for the company. Our sales representatives share a wealth of information between them, and most have been in the fuel delivery business for at least twenty years. They truly embody our commitment to unrivaled customer service.

Here for You

Whether you’re a farmer who needs to keep a tractor running, a hobby pilot with a small airplane you love, or a racecar driver with a sweet ride, Yoder Oil is here for you. We also take great pride in supplying the homes of surrounding communities with excellent propane they can depend on. We’re known around Central Illinois for our superior fuel products and quick delivery service. We’re confident we’ll be able to do the same for you, regardless of what your fuel needs are.

Contact Us

Please reach out to our office at (309)228-9338 to schedule your free quote today. Our office is located at 506 E Center St in Eureka. If you’d rather, we invite you to contact us online and we’ll be in touch with you shortly. We look forward to hearing from you soon to share with you how we’re one of the top-notch propane companies Bloomington IL folks trust.